Carmel Fire Protection Associates consults to the public sector (fire and building authorities and other public sector officials) in the following areas:

— PLAN REVIEW AND INSPECTIONS. Carmel Fire Protection Assocaites is ready to assist your jurisdiction's fire prevention personnel with plan reviews and on-site inspections of all fire suppression and detection systems, including residential fire alarm and sprinkler installations, commercial fire alarms, all types of fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, integrated building management systems, and other suppression and detection systems.

— FIRE PREVENTION PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION. Carmel Fire Protection Associates is well equipped to manage fire prevention programs for small fire departments which cannot support a fire prevention bureau with available personnel. Partial or complete program administration is available.

— PRE-INCIDENT SITE SURVEYS. Carmel Fire Protection Associates has a proven track record in providing jurisdictions with pre-incident site surveys (pre-fire plans), including all requirements of applicable NFPA standards and recommended practices.

— POST-INCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS. Carmel Fire Protection Associates is able to provide post-fire investigation services, including cause and origin determination, fire alarm, sprinkler and other suppression system forensic investigation, and can assist in a task-force setting with other fire investigations.

— LITIGATION SUPPORT. Carmel Fire Protection Associates can provide forensic support services for litigation of alarm system failures. Art Black, Principal of Carmel Fire Protection Associates, is qualified as an expert witness in the Superior Court.

— IN-SERVICE TRAINING SERVICES. Carmel Fire Protection Associates can provide training to firefighters and fire prevention personnel in any field related to fire prevention, including company inspections.

Rarely, and only when a potential conflict of interest is impossible, Carmel Fire Protection Associates may consult with private industry. Please contact us for more information.