Fees & Expenses

Effective 1 January 2018, the following fee and reimbursement schedules apply:

1. Professional Services
This category includes all professional services not classified as reimbursable expenses.
a. Testimony under oath (courtroom or deposition) (per hour or fraction) ... $ 200.00
b. Seminar presentation (per calendar day or fraction) ... $ 800.00
c. Consulting (per calendar day) ... $ 800.00
d. Consulting (per hour or fraction) ... $150.00
d. Travel time (per travel day or fraction) ... $ 250.00

2. Transportation Costs
This category includes airfare or personal vehicle usage from Carmel-by-the-Sea to the work venue.
a. Airfare (under 3 hours block time each way) ... Discounted Coach Fare
b. Airfare (three hours or more block time each way) ... Discounted Business Fare
c. POV Mileage (round trip, per mile) ... $ 0.60
d. Mileage fee from Carmel to San Francisco Airport (where required) ... $200 round trip flat rate.

3. Reimbursable Expenses
This category includes all reimbursable expenses other than airfare or mileage.
a. Itemized Plan. Under this plan, all expenses are itemized on the invoice. (Due to the additional accounting and administrative work involved, a 10% surcharge will be added to the invoice.)
b. Flat Amount Plan. Under this plan, all expenses other than airfare or mileage will be included in a flat rate amount, including lodging, ground transportation, meals, and incidentals.
(i) Per calendar day (or fraction) ... $ 300.00

4. Billing Details
a. New and/or unestablished clients. New or unestablished clients will be billed in advance for airfare or estimated mileage plus the first seminar or consulting day. This invoice is due and payable prior to the first seminar or consulting date.
b. Established clients. Billing will be done after the seminar or consulting event for all expenses and professional services.
c. Cancellation charges. The client will be responsible for all airline change fees and other non-refundable expenses, plus a 20% administrative fee.
d. Seminar/Event Scheduling. Once a date for your seminar/event has been confirmed, it is on the schedule! Any changes or cancellations need to be made at least six weeks ahead of the scheduled date. Changes or cancellations made after the six week deadline, the sponsor may be billed for the full seminar fee plus any incurred expenses included travel and living expenses.

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